• comes with pre-made linear extensions and modular connectors, it enables plenty of creativity with ease of installation and numerous application possibilities.
  • are now more efficient throughout as we have added more LED's per section, CRI 90+ and an estimated life of 50.000 hours.
  • We are proud to present TeucerLUX, a high quality product which substitutes natural daylight when and where it is not possible to have it. Whether you use it in the office, gym, basement or any other location, it will give you the feeling of sunshine indoors.


How to use TeucerLUX in human centric lighting applications

Installation guides for LED strip

How to Connect LED Strips Using Various Connectors

How to Customise non IP Rated LED Strips

How to Customise IP Rated LED Strips

How to mount LED strip to aluminium profile and how to achieve linear effect

Mains Dimming

How to Install Tunable White Strip and Control it With Wall Panel or an APP

How to Install and Control RGBW Strip (DMX)

How to Install and Control RGB Strip Wirelessly (RF)

How to Install PR-RGB Signal Repeater

Choose Teucer as your reliable partner

TEUCER experts work with you to identify the specific requirements that you may have, then help you choose and create a product solution that serves those requirements. We value every customer and each project.

At TEUCER we believe quality is key, which is why we source and supply only the best LED strip available. We offer a 5 Year warranty on all of our LED strips.

We provide one of the most comprehensive ranges of LED strip stocks in the UK, with over 68 variations across 12 ranges of LED strip to suit most installations. We stock reliable standard and dimmable drivers, aluminium profile range and control gear.

Our LED technical and sales team members are knowledgeable on all of our products and how they operate. They will be able to offer tailored advice, as well as the product solution for all your project needs.

All of our products are tested by our LED technicians in-house, as well as independently, ensuring that you receive a fully certified product.

TEUCER technicians will cut, solder and heat-shrink TEUCER LED strip to your specification. Our bespoke services are carried out at our London workshop and are offered to simplify the work of installers.

Latest projects

Gain an overview of our reference projects and be inspired by the possibilities

Our product range is available through several hundred branches of our wholesale partners. 

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