The AlumaLux family of products offers an extensive selection of high-quality aluminium profiles that empower you to create customized LED strip lighting installations and transform any space. Our durable, lightweight aluminium LED profiles are specially designed for mounting and shaping LED strips to meet your unique lighting visions.

With AlumaLux profiles, you can craft custom residential and commercial lighting designs with contemporary, minimalist styles that complement modern architecture. The engineered reflective surface provides 360-degree light diffusion for uniform illumination and maximizes output.

Our aluminium LED profiles come in varied shapes, sizes and finishes for any accent, task or decorative lighting. Accentuate architectural elements, create eye-catching lighting effects, provide practical work lighting, or wash walls evenly with light—the possibilities are endless with AlumaLux.

Optional opal diffusers give a soft, linear effect.

The aluminium dissipates heat, ensuring optimal LED performance. With mounting options and accessories, AlumaLux makes installing customized LED strip lighting quick and easy.

Our innovative profiles allow you to tailor lighting to realize your unique vision and design aesthetics.

Standard Aluminium Profile 17 x 15 mm
Round Aluminium Profile ⌀20.8 mm
Large Aluminium Profile 35 x 35 mm
Angled Aluminium Profile 18.5 x 18.5 mm