Ambienta infuses contemporary elegance into any environment with its line of refined linear lights offered as recessed, suspended, or surface mounted variations. Ranging from 17W to 50W with adjustable colour temperatures, Ambienta lines enable endless modern lighting designs.

Precision extruded aluminium housings give Ambienta lights a trim, minimalist appearance. Available in white or black casing finishes to either blend discretely or stand out as an accent.

Recessed Ambienta provides seamless ceiling-flush indirect lines, illuminating lobbies, hallways, and other spaces with a soft glow. Suspended models make a modern statement above tables or seating areas in homes or restaurants.

Surface mounted Ambienta accents architectural details, art displays, shelves, workbenches, and more with clean lines of directed light. Integrated glare-free LEDs prevent harsh brightness.

Ambienta produces uniform, consistent illumination across its length without spotty or dark patches. Robust construction ensures lifelong precision lighting without degradation.

Make a contemporary design statement while transforming any space with the sleek, customizable linear lighting possibilities of Ambienta.

Linear Light 36-60W
Linear Light 28-49W
Linear Light 36-96W
Linear Recessed Downlight, 4-37W