Application of LED strips in the bathroom

If designed to a high standard the Bathroom can become the showpiece to your home therefore a lot of effort should be made to ensure the perfect lighting environment is achieved. Bathroom lighting is required to be one of the more flexible of the lighting schemes in your home. It needs to provide a warm ambience for those cold winter nights as well as being crisp and bright enough enhancing detail to give good visibility for personal grooming and make-up application. The use of LED strip as background lighting can be a perfect solution for the bathroom applications since the use of spotlights or downlights can cause glare due to the reflective surfaces.

The Teucer LED strip has a good output to wattage ratio and provides high colour rendering, this allows for a ‘close to daylight’ natural environment perfect for the tasks performed in front of your bathroom mirror.

Dimming the LED’s using a Teucer remote and dimming equipment can soften the light levels creating the perfect relaxation environment on a cold evening after drawing a hot bath. Safety is also a very important factor when choosing your lighting for the bathroom, the fixtures will need to be IP rated (ingress protected) to ensure they are ‘splash proof’, or ‘jet proof’ (for around the shower/bath cubicle). All our LED strip is available in an IP65 version, suitable for this type of environment and are low voltage operating at 24v.