Application of LED strips in Bedroom

Bedroom lighting can range from basic to bold and daring or dimmed to dramatic and whether you retire to a small alcove or a grand master suite, you probably use your bedroom for more than just slumber. Dark bedrooms are great for sleeping, but too little light hinders you from doing much else, this is why using a Teucer dimming remote and receiver with our strip is an ideal way for you to keep control of your lighting needs.
It is the main room in the house where glare should be avoided since it is the place of rest, so consider using more light sources of lower wattage or background lighting such as hidden LED strip lengths. Do not consider installing lights directly above the bed as you will tend to look up at them while you are lying in bed. Direct overhead lighting is less comfortable than soft light at face level.

Another area to consider are the bedroom closets. A dark closet can cause frustration. One recommendation for this type of application would be to incorporate the use of a Teucer 3000k lower wattage LED strip which would be ideal for lighting the inside of the closet since it provides a compromise between cool and warm colour temperature and provides lots of light, the use of LED strip is also a good choice since it is cooler than hot lamps which cannot be placed too close to delicate clothing. The high colour rendering on our strip also ensures that you will be able to recognise the colour of your clothing much better.