Breakout areas

Application of LED strips in Break out areas

The need for a ‘third place’ is becoming widely recognized as an integral part of the office landscape, providing a comfortable area where information and ideas can be shared spontaneously. Separate from our ‘first place’ (home) and ‘second place’ (office), the ‘third place’ is an informal setting for working and socialising with others – and can be used much in the same way as one might use a coffee shop, library or park as a safe public space to work.

Well-designed break out areas bring the right blend of private space for concentrated work and public space where people can feel connected to the greater whole for collaborative working. Inspiring thoughts and ideas, they encourage employees to adopt various ways of working as well as promoting team building, improving workplace morale and enhancing colleagues’ social relations.

Whether used for informal meetings or as a space simply to get away from a workstation a break out area provides the opportunity to do something different with lighting.  In a break out area give some thought to softer lighting and consider indirect lighting to provide a light and airy space.

A break out area can be a dynamic space and a representation of management style. If you promote free thinking then use some funky or big and bold lighting.