Application of LED strips in the kitchen

The modern day kitchen is no longer solely the room in the house for preparing meals, it is now used as one of the main family rooms and an area where the family spends most of its time together. A good lighting scheme can make a smaller kitchen appear larger by accentuating the space. Therefore, creating the right ambience is essential to our everyday living. Kitchen lighting needs to fulfil a number of different tasks throughout the day, from supplementing daylight in a breakfast environment to lunch preparation and from children’s tea-time to a late dinner. Our Tunable white range of LED strip offers versatile lighting colour temperature and would be perfect for this type of environment.

A main priority for the kitchen is lighting of the worktop surfaces correctly. It is important to avoid shadows which could arise from central ceiling fixtures so under cabinet lighting using Teucer LED strip would be a perfect option to avoid this. Illuminating the surfaces with good colour rendering. If you have a plinth around the cabinets then the LED strip can be well hidden and with the LED efficiency lasting for years, it truly makes the LED strip a fit and forget solution that will recoup the extra cost over its lifetime.

Another attractive solution for the LED strip in the kitchen would be to produce some ambient lighting by placing the strip on top of cabinets to wash the white ceiling and flood light into the kitchen indirectly creating a warm soft glow.