Application of LED strips in Lounge

The Lounge is a focal point of the house where we spend a majority of time together as a family and perform many various activities which will require different types of lighting.

General overhead lighting or wall lighting can be a main source of light during the day depending on whether the room is naturally well lit, however due to our busy schedules a large portion of our time spent in the living room is in the evening therefore background lighting may become the primary source of light. Creating a relaxed mood accent lighting can be hidden behind cornices and cabinets or bookshelves, customised or cut in house the Teucer LED strip would be perfect for this type of solution. Our Tunable white range is also an ideal option for the living room since it can create a daylight or cool white environment if the requirement is for studying or reading, the colour temperature can also be changed to a warmer 3000k soft glow for TV viewing or even a much warmer 2700k glow for those romantic evenings.

It is also a room where decorations are displayed such as books, ornaments and other various articles. The illumination of the cabinets can play a big part in the overall lighting effect of the room. Teucer LED strip and profiles can be customised in-house to allow fitting within cabinets or furniture to the exact length required. Our standard profiles can be used to wash the back of individual shelves or our corner profile can project light across the shelves dependent on the light levels required.