Azusa delivers expansive, high-quality downlighting with its line of wide-beam COB downlights. Ranging from 10W to 45W, Azusa fittings are engineered to bathe large areas in clean, uniform illumination.

Featuring durable round housings designed for reliable performance, Azusa downlights maintain comfortable, consistent lighting across 50,000+ hour lifetimes. Effective thermal management keeps the integrated COB light source running cool and efficient.

Azusa’s wide flood beams spread ambient lighting broadly across residential and commercial spaces. From living rooms to lobbies, corridors to work floors, Azusa provides expansive glare-free illumination.

A range of adjustable colour temperatures from warm white to cool daylight allows customizing Azusa’s ambience to suit any activity or mood. High CRI ratings accurately render colours in their natural tones.

Robust die-cast aluminium construction allows durable integration even in high-vibration environments. Compact Azusa downlights install cleanly where spacious lighting matters. Some models offer adjustable straps for aiming flexibility.

For wide-coverage downlighting without harsh glares, shadows or hotspots, choose Azusa. With advanced COB technology in a compact form, Azusa floods spaces with clean, efficient illumination.

Citizen COB Downlight, 10-45W
Reflector Type High-Power COB Downlight, 10-30W
Waterproof IK10 COB Downlight, 10-35W
Modular Design COB Downlight, 10-30W