Contourea wall lights lend refined elegance to any space with their sleek, backlit designs that create a gorgeous glow highlighting walls and architecture. Offered in 5W to 20W models with white or black casing options, Contourea delivers customized style.

Featuring minimalist contemporary forms, Contourea fixtures bring sophistication to bedroom accent lighting, hallway illumination, bathroom backlighting, and modern kitchen shine. Integrated LEDs cast steady, uniform wall washing.

Contourea produces even backlight across the entire mounted fixture, eliminating spotty brightness for a clean modern aesthetic. Warm white to cool daylight temperatures along with dimming provides ambience control.

Robust extruded aluminium construction allows durable installation in demanding environments while acting as effective heat sink to ensure lifelong LED performance without any decline in luminosity.

For residential and commercial spaces seeking a touch of fine contemporary style, Contourea’s backlit wall lights elevate environments with a gorgeous glow emanating from their slim forms. Customize to your taste.

Let Contourea backlighting bring refined visual warmth and depth to any wall. Make a statement with illumination that makes ordinary surfaces extraordinary.

Wall Light, 8-15W

Wall Light, 5W-20W


Wall Light, 12W-18W


Wall Light, 8W