Crystallia Decorative Pendants infuse brilliant elegance into modern spaces with artful designs that fuse luxe frosted glass spheres and verdant integrated planters. Suspended opal orbs diffuse soft lighting while illuminated pots counterbalance with organic allure. Artistic materials mingle gracefully in these light sculptures, where opaque pearlescent globes accentuate integrated greenery. Hazy glows emanate through curved forms, complementing flourishing plants in an exquisite balance of the natural and refined. These imaginative pendants cultivate light, space and living colour harmoniously. Designed to elevate a diversity of interiors, they enable creative expression through the interplay of smooth ambient lighting and verdant pops of texture. With exquisite balance of refined materials and living blooms, Crystallia Decorative Pendants transform interiors into galleries where classic meets contemporary. These statement making lights frame residential, commercial and hospitality settings in elegance.

Glass Pendant Light 7W
Glass Pendant Light 2x7W+3W
Glass Pendant Light 7W
Glass Wall Light 7W