Cylyt provides versatile directional lighting with its line of multi-head adjustable downlights. Available in single, double, and triple head configurations from 8W to 90W, Cylyt fittings aim illumination precisely where needed.

Robust rectangular housings recess unobtrusively into ceilings while allowing integrated swivelling heads to be aimed independently side-to-side and front-to-back. Cylyt lights maintain set directions reliably over 50,000 hour lifetimes.

Ideal for galleries, stores, offices, and anywhere focused lighting matters, Cylyt downlights eliminate glare while delivering uniform, tailored beams. Flicker-free dimmable light, from warm ambience to crisp cool daylight, suits any activity.

Whether wall washing for displays, illuminating signage, or accenting architectural details, Cylyt makes directional lighting possible and adjustable.

Cylyt’s multi-head downlight line provides quality illumination from integrated, energy-efficient sources. Achieve residential or commercial goals with focused flexibility.

Aim lighting creativity in new directions with Cylyt’s adjustable downlight solutions. Cylyt empowers you to highlight spaces with custom-tailored beams.

Square Spliced-Design Scoop Downlight, 10-45W
Square Recessed Downlight, 30-90W
Rectangular Led Grille Downlight, 8-24W
Rectangular Led Grille Downlight, 12-36W