The Decora family brings contemporary flair and customizable illumination to any residential or commercial space. Offered as suspended, surface and wall mounted lights, Decora makes a sophisticated design statement.

Decora fixtures feature minimalist round forms that integrate seamlessly into modern interiors. Slim, compact profiles allow for stylish placement in nearly any location desired. Durable aluminum construction ensures enduring quality and longevity.

Integrated LED modules produce brilliant, uniform light perfect for kitchens, offices, retail environs, galleries and more. Diffused acrylic lenses prevent harsh glares or shadows. Select your desired color temperature and lumen output.

Suspended pendant lights add modern personality and illumination. Surface and wall mounted versions provide direct task lighting. Integrated smart drivers enable seamless controls connectivity for total lighting flexibility.

Decora’s clean aesthetic designs maintain their sophisticated look whether illuminated or not. Discreet shapes seamlessly recede into ceilings, walls and surfaces, allowing light itself to shine.

Ceiling Light 18W-33W
Ceiling Light 18W-35W
Ceiling Light 18W-35W
Pendant Light 35W-84W