Descenda infuses elegant directional flair into environments with its modern wall lights engineered to cast illumination downward. Offered in 3W to 16W models with white or black casing selections, Descenda puts quality light design on display.

Sleek minimalist forms enable Descenda fixtures to integrate subtly onto walls, discreetly recessing into architecture while providing brilliant downward wash lighting for tables, counters, desks, and more.

Descenda wall lights shine high-quality illumination directly where needed, eliminating spotty brightness and glare. Warm white to cool daylight colour temperatures along with dimming allows customizing both amount of light and ambience.

Robust extruded aluminium construction passively cools integrated LEDs for lifelong luminous performance without any decline. For indoor and outdoor areas demanding durable directional wall lighting, Descenda delivers.

Make a unique design statement with Descenda’s downward-aimed lighting enhancing spaces with tailored brilliance. Bring refined illumination to seating areas, workspaces, and architectural details with Descenda’s tailored wall lights.

Wall Light, 8W
Wall Light, 10-20W
Wall Light, 10W
Wall Light, 5-10W