Eclipsio showcases spaces with flair using elegantly shaped wall lights designed to cast illumination both upward and downward simultaneously. The unique bidirectional lighting adds artistry and intrigue.

Contemporary curved forms enable Eclipsio to subtly integrate onto walls, transforming ordinary architecture into a canvas of light and shadow. Gorgeous upward glow paired with downward shine fully reveals textures.

Offered in 5W to 20W models, Eclipsio allows customizing the ambience through warm to cool white temperatures and dimming controls. It distributes consistent, uniform lighting to avoid hotspots or glare.

Robust aluminium construction passively cools integrated LEDs for lifelong stable illumination without any decline in luminosity over time. Eclipsio delivers artistic effects durably.

Make a statement by using Eclipsio’s bidirectional lighting to spotlight walls and ceilings from creative perspectives. Illuminate lounge areas indirectly, highlight textural hallways, or add modern flair to entries.

Bring residential living rooms, hotel lobbies, office receptions, and more to life with Eclipsio’s artful lighting ingenuity. Let its shapes and glow add a touch of distinct modern elegance.

Wall Light, 8W
Wall Light, 8-15W

Wall Light, 10-15W

Wall Light, 6-10W