Elvin delivers minimalist elegance to any residential or commercial space through its line of surface mounted downlights. With customizable, refined illumination, Elvin lights integrate seamlessly into modern interiors.

Offered in wattages ranging from 6W to 42W, Elvin downlights provide focused task and accent lighting perfect for kitchens, workspaces, retail displays, galleries and more. Sleek round or square forms fit stylishly into ceilings and walls.

Diffused acrylic lenses prevent harsh glares and shadows for comfortable illumination. Durable die-cast aluminium constructions dissipate heat effectively for lasting high performance.

Select from warm, natural or cool colour temperatures to set the ideal ambience for any mood or activity. Dimming capabilities allow further customisation of scenes and brightness. Elvin lights maintain consistent flicker-free illumination for over 50,000 hours.

From the slimline housings to the discreet surface mounting, Elvin’s understated aesthetic delivers elegant illumination without detracting from surrounding decor. Just refined light inserted unobtrusively where needed.

Elevate your space with Elvin. With brilliant, customisable lighting and straightforward styling, Elvin surface mounted downlights bring graceful illumination to any residential or commercial setting.

Waterproof Surface Mounted Downlight, 13-25W
Rotatable Ceiling Surface Mounted Downlight, 6-20W
Black Dimming COB Downlight, 8-16W
Interchangeable Head Surface Mounted Downlight, 6-10W