Embedo provides maximum flexibility for downlighting installation with its line of deep downlights, available in models ranging from 6W to 50W. With adjustable mounting depths, Embedo fits unobtrusively wherever focused illumination is required.

Designed to recess through ceilings and walls, Embedo downlights expose only flanged rims and illumination surfaces for an integrated look. Robust housings anchor firmly to provide stable long-term positioning.

Reflector options enable customising both aesthetic appeal and performance. Specular faceted reflectors shape and focus light into precise beams for task or accent lighting. Embedo downlights come in black or white finish options to match décor.

High-efficiency LED modules produce clean, brilliant light at a range of colour temperatures from warm to cool daylight. Select optimal lumen output and optics to perfectly match lighting needs. Embedo maintains accurate colours and eliminates flickering.

Whether seeking lighting flexibility or unobtrusive placement, trust Embedo deep downlights. Embedo delivers the right amount of customizable, high-quality illumination no matter the required depth.

Round Slim Ceiling Light 6-24W
Deep Reflector and Low Glare Downlight, 10-25W
Deep Down Downlight 2.5-10', 8-50W
Recessed Installation Downlight, 3-8', 13-35W