The Flexima family of flexible linear LED lights enables you to craft bespoke lighting designs to elevate any space. Our innovative lights contour and bend to illuminate architectural elements, structures, landscapes and more.

Constructed using robust silicone extrusion, Flexima lights are IP65 rated for indoor and outdoor versatility. The dense arrangement of LEDs produces flawless, uniform illumination without harsh glares or shadows.

With Flexima, you can highlight architectural features, accent retail displays, outline exterior facades, and add sleek lines to any environment imaginable. The creative possibilities are boundless. The flexible form adheres smoothly around corners, columns, staircases, cabinets, and any irregular surface.

For task lighting, the even high CRI illumination banishes shadows and eye strain. Position Flexima lights exactly where you need bright, focused work lighting.

Choose from multiple colours, whites, lengths and densities to design your perfect lighting. Water and UV resistant, Flexima LEDs maintain high performance for years of reliable beauty and function.

From subtle accent lighting to illuminating spaces with a wash of colour and light, Flexima empowers you to invent unique lighting environments. Let the flexible possibilities shine.

With creativity and Flexima linear LED lights, give any residential, commercial or industrial space a truly custom lighting personality.

15W/m Single Colour Flex Linear LED strip Top View IP65
15W/m Single Colour Flex Linear LED strip Side View IP65