Focus spotlights with precision using its mini track lighting heads that allow full adjustable directional lighting. The compact modern heads feature 360-degree horizontal rotation and 180-degree vertical tilt for unlimited orientation.

Equipped with high CRI COB LEDs, Focus enhances colour accuracy and fidelity when spotlighting products, artwork, architectural details, and more. Light temperatures range from warm 2700K to cool 5000K.

Excellent integrated heat dissipation maintains efficient, consistent output. With up to 70% energy savings over standard CFL track heads, Focus provides high quality eco-friendly accent lighting.

The mini size suits Focus for small-scale accent and display lighting applications where space is limited but customized directional lighting matters. Retail shops, galleries, restaurants, and homes benefit from Focus’ adjustability.

Install easily onto 1-circuit or 3-circuit track rails using integrated adapters. Position the low-profile heads subtly, then adjust beams for pinpoint illumination control. Wash surfaces broadly or spotlight subjects tightly.

When small spaces demand excellent visual accuracy and flexibility, trust ultra-mini Focus track heads. The compact size packs impressive adjustability for precise directional LED accent lighting.

Power Adjustable Surface Mounted Spotlight, 15-25W