Influx spotlights provide unlimited directional lighting possibilities with its complete line of track light heads. Ranging from 8W to 50W in warm to cool white color temperatures, Influx seamlessly installs onto tracks for adjustable accent and display illumination.

Durable white or black aluminum constructions blend discretely into surroundings while providing robust performance. Spotlight heads swivel and lock easily to direct light precisely where needed.

Available as fixed or adjustable beam types, Influx accommodates both broad flood lighting and tight spot accenting. Consistent flicker-free dimmable light eliminates harsh glare and shadows.

For retail stores, galleries, museums, and home interiors, Influx enables customizable display and artwork illumination. Spotlight merchandise, sculptures, or architectural details, then tweak directions later as needed.

Influx excels at providing quality, hands-on control over directional accent lighting. With straightforward installation onto tracks mounted on walls or ceilings, Influx offers effortless adjustability compared to installed downlights.

Make the most of display and living spaces with tailored lighting from Influx track spotlights. Simply guide brilliant spotlights wherever your creative vision desires.

Direction Adjustable Ceiling Track Spotlights, 10-30W
Anti-Glare Lens Interchangeable LED Track Light, 10-40W
Beam Angle Adjustable LED Track Light, 25-35W
Internal Driver and Reflector Design Track Light, 10-35W