Integra streamlines downlighting with integrated driver fixtures that provide versatile, customizable illumination in a space-saving design. Offered in power range of 6W to 25W, Integra fittings install easily with no need for separate driver boxes.

Choose from round, square and standard sizes to match your application, along with waterproof and adjustable gyro models. Integrated drivers power Integra’s brilliant, uniform light output while simplifying installation and maintenance.

Robust housings pack advanced drivers inside with no added bulk, and conduct heat away from LEDs for optimal light quality and 50,000 hour lifetime. Integra lights simply wire directly to mains power for instant warm to cool white illumination.

For moisture-prone areas like bathrooms, Integra’s waterproof downlights maintain high performance. Integra Gyro models tilt and swivel to direct light precisely where tasks require it. Wall washing or display accenting – the beam control possibilities are endless.

Make the most of limited space without sacrificing lighting versatility by choosing Integra’s all-in-one downlight solutions. With integrated form and advanced function, Integra puts performance and possibilities at your fingertips.

Tri Colour Downlight 10-20W
Internal driver design downlight 5W
Flat/Concave SMD LED Downlight 8W
Eco Anti-glare lens Downlight 10W