The Intensa family of LED panel lights delivers optimized, customizable illumination for any commercial or residential space. With slimline contemporary forms, Intensa panels integrate cleanly into modern architectural designs.

Offered in wattage configurations ranging from 18W to 60W, Intensa recessed panels provide tiered brightness options suitable for offices, classrooms, homes, stores, and anywhere impeccable lighting is needed.

Intensa LED panels distribute light evenly across the entire surface, eliminating harsh glares, hotspots and flickers. Diffused optical lenses create comfortably bright, glare-free illumination. Select from warm, neutral and cool white temperatures plus dimmable and tunaeble white models.

The LED panels recede into ceilings or alcoves, providing brilliant, unobtrusive light. Sleek aluminium construction draws heat effectively away from LEDs for reliable, long-lasting performance without light degradation over time.

Some Intensa models offer louvered reflectors to shape and direct light precisely where needed. Louvers prevent spillage and enable tailoring illumination patterns.

LED Panel, 36W
LED Panel, 13-40W
Waterproof LED Panel, 16-60W
LED Panel with Louver Reflector, 11-40W