Ixellium empowers endlessly customizable lighting designs with its connectable linear lights that mount recessed or surface onto walls and ceilings. Ranging from 15W to 60W with adjustable colour temperatures from warm white to cool daylight, Ixellium lines let you tailor refined illumination.

Modular connectors allow joining multiple Ixellium lights together into uninterrupted lines. Consistent, uniform lighting across entire lengths creates ambient glows without dark spots or glare.

Recessed Ixellium lines wash walls with indirect illumination, cove mount for striking upward graze lighting, or mount flush into ceilings for clean modern looks. Surface mounted Ixellium accents shelves, cabinets, and architectural details.

Sleek aluminium housings finish Ixellium lights cleanly in white tones. Linking versatile segments enables corners, and creative configurations. Ixellium truly excels at showcasing contemporary spaces with customizable elegance.

For residential, office, hospitality, retail and multifamily spaces, Ixellium lines deliver brilliant flexibility. Robust construction provides lifelong flawless operation and appearances. Connectable Ixellium linear lights let your creative lighting visions shine.

Garden Light, 6W
Garden Light, 6-10W
Garden Light, 8W
Garden Light, 8W