Kaleex offers versatile wall lighting solutions, from discreet mini lights ideal for small accent spaces to full-featured waterproof fixtures that provide wide-angle stereoscopic illumination.

Kaleex’s mini lights are perfect for subtly accenting architectural details, displaying artwork, or adding soft glows inside recessed outlets and cavity boxes. The small lights cast a focused directional beam.

For more grand spaces, Kaleex features IP65 rated designs that produce even, broad lighting perfect for brightly illuminating entryways, bathrooms, stairwells, patios and more indoor or outdoor. The waterproof construction enables placement anywhere.

Contemporary slimline forms complement modern decor. Choose from white or black housing finishes to match different aesthetics. Kaleex makes quality LED wall lighting achievable for projects both large and small.

With options ranging from tiny accent lights to brilliantly powerful waterproof models, Kaleex spans all applications. Add a subtle glow highlighting artwork in a hallway or broadly light a patio – Kaleex has the right wall light.

Let Kaleex enhance any residential, commercial or industrial space with the perfect customizable LED wall lighting.

Wall Light, 1-2W
Wall Light, 7-14W
Wall Light, 12-18W

Wall Light, 12W-18W