Krakka reflects quality and eco-consciousness in its line of adjustable reflector downlights. Ranging from 35W to 60W with wide beam angles, Krakka fittings direct light fully where it’s needed most.

Krakka’s rotating heads swivel horizontally and vertically to precisely aim illumination. Robust rectangular housings hold settings securely and maintain cool operation. Krakka lights are designed for long-life, delivering 40,000 hours of adjustable performance.

Reflective optics shape Krakka’s LED light into broad flood beams perfect for general ambient lighting in commercial and residential spaces. Consistent flicker-free dimmable light provides crisp cool daylight or warm comfortable ambience.

Krakka downlights are environmentally friendly, produced without hazardous substances like mercury. Krakka reflects care for your space by providing up to 70% energy savings over equivalent CFL downlights. Quality and efficiency in a rotating adjustable form.

Get the flexibility of directional lighting along with energy conservation from Krakka’s adjustable reflector downlights. Dial-in and focus light beams cleanly and effectively.

Reflector Type Waterproof Downlight, 35-45W
Rectangular Wide Beam Angle Downlight, 40-60W
Waterproof Louver Reflector Downlight, 32-42W