The Litaro family of round LED panel lights provides stylish, customizable lighting solutions for modern commercial and residential spaces. Available in recessed, suspended and surface mounted models, Litaro rounds out your lighting with contemporary flair.

Offered in wattages ranging from 18W to 60W, Litaro LED panels deliver illumination tailored to your specific needs. Robust aluminum housings effectively dissipate heat for optimal light output and longevity.

With a choice of mounting styles, integrate Litaro seamlessly into your architectural vision. The clean, compact circular design adds a touch of sophistication without dominating the décor.

Litaro LED panels distribute light evenly across the entire surface, eliminating harsh glare and hotspots. Diffused optical lenses provide smooth, uniform illumination perfect for offices, classrooms, homes and retail environments.

Select from warm, neutral and cool white temperatures to set just the right ambience, in addition to dimmable and tuneable white options. Litaro empowers you to customize scenes with the perfect light for any activity or mood.

When consistent, flicker-free illumination and aesthetics matter, trust the Litaro family of LED panels to enhance your space. With Litaro, give your environment a touch of refined, contemporary style backed by LED technology.

Pendant LED Panel, 18-60W
Round LED Panel, 18-55W
LED Panel, 60-80W