The Lumio family of LED strip lights provides exceptional lighting customization for any residential, commercial, or industrial space. Available in single color, tunable white, RGB, RGBW and RBGCCT options, Lumio LED strips allow you to craft unique lighting moods, accents, and designs.

With our durable, flexible LED strip lights, you can achieve the perfect lighting tone and atmosphere. Our strips feature high-density LEDs that produce uniform, vibrant illumination on any surface. Powerful adhesive backing makes installation quick and easy on walls, floors, ceilings, cabinets, coves, and more.

Lumio LED strips enable limitless accent and decorative lighting possibilities. Add stylish ambience to living rooms, make a bold statement in retail spaces, create colorful scenes in entertainment venues, and more. With millions of colors and tunable whites, the lighting options are endless.

For task and utility lighting, our high CRI and tunable white options provide the perfect crisp, bright light for workshops, kitchens, studios and more. Our LED strip lights are built to last with weather-resistant casings.

Lumio provides unmatched control and customization, with cut points for shaping your lighting design. With our wide selection of lengths, densities, and accessories like diffusers, lenses, mounts, and controllers, Lumio empowers you to make your unique lighting visions a reality.

Illuminate any space with the perfect light using Lumio’s complete line of exceptional LED strip lights.

4.8W/m Single Colour LED strip IP20/IP65
19.2W/m Single Colour LED strip IP20
9.6W/m Tunable White LED strip IP20/IP65
17.8 W/m RGBW LED Strip