Neomor provides versatile linear illumination with its rectangular-shaped louver reflector track light designed for adjustable directional lighting. The innovative linear form sets Neomor apart from traditional spot-shaped track heads.

Neomor adopts quality SMD chips for brilliant, glare-free illumination in residential, retail, gallery and office spaces needing high-end accent lighting. The louver reflector optimizes light control and prevents harsh brightness.

The aluminium housing offers excellent heat dissipation for reliable performance while allowing adjustment through a wide horizontal and vertical range. This full motion aiming enables precise directional lighting for highlights and accents.

With its optimized reflector design, Neomor excels at providing broad, uniform wash lighting to accent architectural details, merchandise displays, task areas, and more. Light quality remains consistent over its long working lifetime.

For added versatility, Neomor offers flexible segments that can curve around corners and shape around objects. Installation onto track systems is fast and simple using integrated connectors to provide aimed illumination.

Neomor comes in both white and black housing finishes to either blend in or stand out against surroundings. Elevate commercial, retail, and residential spaces with Neomor’s adjustable linear track system.

Linear Track Light, 15-45W