Nuvra delivers quality downlighting in a compact form with its line of fixed COB downlights. Ranging from just 5W to 13W, Nuvra fittings provide optimal illumination from modest power levels.

The durable round or square housings are designed for long-term performance, with effective thermal management that cools the integrated COB light source for consistent 50,000+ hour lifespan.

With a range of colour temperature options from warm white to cool daylight, Nuvra downlights can be customized to achieve the desired ambience in residential, commercial and industrial spaces. High CRI ratings ensure accurate colour rendering that displays objects in their true tones.

The clean, uniform beams from Nuvra COB downlights are ideal for accent, task and general lighting applications. Eliminating glare and harsh shadows, Nuvra provides comfortable, non-straining illumination perfect for kitchens, workstations, displays, shelving and more.

Compact and lightweight, Nuvra downlights allow simple integration even in confined locations. Robust die-cast aluminium housings maintain durability. Some models offer adjustable straps for directing light.

COB technology maximizes performance from Nuvra’s modest 5W to 13W power range. Achieve quality, efficient downlighting in a conveniently compact package with Nuvra.

For transformative lighting without excess energy use, Nuvra’s COB downlights shine bright. Harness Nuvra’s brilliant yet efficient downlights to elevate your space.

Waterproof Square COB Mini LED Downlight
Modular LED Downlight, 6-10W
Deep Reflector COB Downlight, 13-25W
Excellent Light Transmittance Prismatic Lens Downlight, 10W