The Orbit family delivers streamlined, energy-efficient ceiling lighting for modern residential and commercial spaces. With simple, understated designs, Orbit lights integrate seamlessly into any décor.

Offered in wattages ranging from 12W to 25W, Orbit fixtures provide high lumen output for brilliant, uniform illumination. Robust LED modules maintain consistent light levels through 50,000 hours of operation.

Slimline cylindrical forms with diffused acrylic lenses distribute glare-free light ideal for kitchens, offices, retail stores, and other environments. The discreet, compact profile blends into ceilings.

Orbit lights are available with adjustable CCT models that allow switching between warm 3000K, natural 4000K and cool 5700K colour temperatures to match any activity or mood. Select dimmable models provide further ambience customization.

Durable die-cast aluminum constructions effectively dissipate heat for optimal LED performance and longevity. Orbit lights mount flush or suspended to suit your design vision.

When subtle aesthetics, high efficiency, and hassle-free performance matter, light up your space with Orbit. Transform environments with brilliant, customizable illumination from Orbit’s line of LED ceiling lights.

Round Anti Glare Ceiling Light 11-24W
Round Slim Ceiling Light 12-25W
Square Frameless Ceiling Light 12-30W
Round Slim Ceiling Light 10-24W