The Ossio family of batten lights delivers optimal illumination, aesthetics, and versatility for commercial, industrial, and architectural spaces. Available in various sizes and lumen packages, Ossio battens provide powerful task and accent lighting unmatched in their class.

Ossio battens feature sleek, low-profile extrusions that complement contemporary spaces. The slender linear design allows placing light exactly where needed without dominating the décor. Robust construction stands up to demanding environments.

Precision optical lenses and reflectors create uniform, glare-free illumination. Choose from diffusion lenses for wide ambient lighting or optical lenses for concentrated beams ideal for workspaces. Ossio battens maintain high lumen output and efficacy ratings through their 50,000 hour lifetime.

Modular interconnectivity between battens provides seamless, continuous lines of light. Integrated controls allow dimming, zoning, and automation capabilities. Ossio seamlessly integrates with BMS and smart lighting networks.

The clean, compact form factor of Ossio battens allows suspension, surface mount, or recessed installation. Quick connect wiring and mounting hardware enable fast installation and reconfiguration.

When superior performance, efficiency, and tailored optics matter, trust Ossio battens to deliver. Cut through shadows and define spaces with perfectly tailored lines of light. Let Ossio battens enhance your environment with smart, professional-grade illumination.

Batten Light, 20-48W
Batten Light, 38-68W
Batten Light, 20-50W
Batten Light, 20-50W