Preston provides brilliant, adjustable directional lighting with its complete line of track spotlights offered in 12W to 35W models. Featuring white or black durable aluminium housings, Preston seamlessly integrates onto track systems for accent and display illumination.

Integrated LED modules produce clean, uniform light with excellent colour rendering at warm to cool white temperatures – ideal for retail, gallery, and home spaces needing quality accent lighting. Preston spotlights swivel and lock easily to direct light precisely.

Consistent flicker-free dimmable light eliminates harsh glare and shadows. Whether washed broadly across surfaces or focused into narrow spotlight beams, Preston delivers superlative illumination for artwork, collections, architecture, and merchandise displays.

For stores, museums, studios, and residential settings, Preston spotlights make it easy to highlight subjects and create lighting scenes tailored to spaces and contents. Adjustable optics offer choices between flood and focused spot beams.

Installing onto ceiling or wall tracks, Preston enables hands-on control over directional accent lighting. Easily aim spotlights wherever desired, then tweak positions as needed. Preston excels at putting high-quality, customizable illumination at your fingertips.

Track Installation Light, 12-45W
Excellent Heat Dissipation Mini Track Lighting Heads, 12W
Beam Angle Adjustable LED Track Light, 25-35W