The Prismatix family provides advanced LED lighting control solutions for versatility across LED strips and other fixtures in single colour, tuneable white, RGB, RGBW and RGBCCT.

Intuitive wall panels and remote controls offer direct manual dimming for 1 to 4 separate lighting zones to achieve your desired ambience with the touch of a button. Built-in timers and scheduling automate your lights.

Prismatix DALI and DMX compatible decoders allow for integration with building automation and management systems for smart, energy efficient lighting control.

Creative master controllers from Prismatix make it easy to program captivating lighting scenes, synchronized dynamic effects, and immersive environments. Built-in programs unlock the creative potential of your lighting.

The Prismatix line is configurable for projects of any scale – intricately group zones or control an entire space from one master controller.

Engineered for reliability and a slim, discrete form, Prismatix controllers enable quick, non-disruptive installation to lower total project costs.

Achieve your unique lighting vision with the precision dimming, automation and control capabilities of the Prismatix LED controller family. Unlock your creative possibilities with advanced yet user-friendly lighting controls.

4 channel DALI decoder
5 Channel DMX decoder for LED strip
4 zone RF controller and receiver for RGBCCT LED strip
1 zone RF controller and receiver for tunable white LED strip