Aluminium profiles and diffusers

Aluminium profiles and diffusers


AL-0 is a surface mounted aluminium profile for hidden applications; used purely for heat dissipation.


The AL-1 is a discreet profile with a shallow depth, making it ideal for use in surface mounted installations where the profile is not visible but light output is. This profile is ideal for use with lower wattage LED strips.


The AL-1i is a recessed profile which fits neatly into small channels. This product is suited for installation into voids that require a shallow profile and a small illumination distance.


The Al-2 is a versatile profile which can be used with a multitude of our LED strips. The illumination distance can vary from a small to a wider distance as the profile can accommodate higher power LED strips.


The AL-2i can be recessed in to many surfaces whether viewed directly or indirectly. This profile is not only discreet but also offers more depth enabling the use of higher wattage strips to suit the application.


The AL-3 is one of our most versatile profiles which allows for a 3D effect as the light output can be viewed from various directions making it a worthy addition to projects that require an elegant looking product.


The AL-4 profile is a circular profile that can be used as a wall mounted profile ideal for highlighting features, mirrors or paintings. This profile can also be suspended for feature lighting or task lighting.


The AL-5 is a wider profile which can accommodate every Teucer LED strip. This profile is ideal for use in applications that require a high lumen output LED strip but also a shallow depth.


The Al-5i version is suited to recessing in installations where the light source is not directly viewed. This profile is ideal for residential and commercial projects alike due to its shallow depth.


The AL-6 is the largest profile in Teucer’s range and ideal for general lighting, as it can accommodate more than one LED strip dependent on the required power output.


Inset Aluminium Extrusion suitable for Single and Double Row LED Strip AL-6i


The AL-7 is an angled profile that is ideal for use in displays that require illumination from a 90 degree angle. This is suited to illuminating small spaces, wall washing or highlighting retail displays.

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