Infinity Line 22 w/m IP20

This plug and play modular LED lighting solution is designed to link sections of LED light bars up to 4 metres at a time. The design offers clickable sections that allows the creation of various symmetrical shapes without the need for cutting or soldering. Infinity line LED light solution is perfect for any hidden or visible installation.

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  • Consistent LED spacing, even when fixtures are linked end to end.
  • Available in 10cm, 50cm, 30cm and 20cm sections.
  • Easy connections, linkable with unique snap together connectors.
  • Side feed LED light module for seamless extension.
  • Max 4m uninterrupted and uniform light per run.
  • Inline touch dimmer.
  • Hand wave ON/OFF Switch.
  • Invisible install clip.
  • 15/45 degrees angle bracket.


Technical drawing


Product codes

Product code Description LED QTY Power Beam angle Colour temp. CRI Lumens
IL-22WW30K/100cm Infinity line bar 100cm 3K 180pcs 22W 120 ° 3000K >80 1430lm
IL-22CW/100cm Infinity line bar 100cm 4K 180pcs 22W 120 ° 4000K >80 1500lm
IL-11WW30K/50cm Infinity line bar 50cm 3K 90pcs 11W 120 ° 3000K >80 715lm
IL-11CW/50cm Infinity line bar 50cm 4K 90pcs 11W 120 ° 4000K >80 770lm
IL-6WW30K/30cm Infinity line bar 30cm 3K 54pcs 6W 120 ° 3000K >80 390lm
IL-6CW/30cm Infinity line bar 30cm 4K 54pcs 6W 120 ° 4000K >80 420lm
IL-5WW30K/20cm Infinity line bar 20cm 3K 36pcs 5W 120 ° 3000K >80 325lm
IL-5CW/20cm Infinity line bar 20cm 4K 36pcs 5W 120 ° 4000K >80 350lm
IL-CCLWW30K Corner connector left 3K 13pcs 1.4W 120 ° 3000K >80 94lm
IL-CCLCW Corner connector left 4K 13pcs 1.4W 120 ° 4000K >80 100lm
IL-CCRWW30K Corner connector right 3K 13pcs 1.4W 120 ° 3000K >80 94lm
IL-CCRCW Corner connector right 4K 13pcs 1.4W 120 ° 4000K >80 100lm
IL-SFWW30K Side power feed 20cm 3K 36pcs 5W 120 ° 3000K >80 325lm
IL-SFCW Side power feed  20cm 4K 36pcs 5W 120 ° 4000K >80 350lm





End cap Mounting clips
End Cap
Mounting clip
Angle mounting clip
The end cap is used to terminate the line.


Choose between surface mounted or angled 15 ° , 45 ° mounting clip depending on where the light is required.
Cables and connector

Power feed cable

Jumper cable

Extension cable connector


Split connector

Driver output cable

Choose between the begining of line power feed cable, extension cable or jumper cable to connect around corners. For connecting driver or receiver to the split connector, use the driver output cable. A split connector is also available, to connect more than one power feed from the driver.

Motion sensor


Touch dimmer

There is a choice of 2 controllers. A hand wave sensor and a touch dimmer. Other Teucer single colour controllers and dimmable LED drivers are also compatible with this range.