Mobile App WiFi controller for LRR-WTC

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Product description

The LR-WIFI/TRANS is a compact WiFi-RF converter designed to convert WiFi signal to RF signal and is compatible with LRR-WTC receivers, to be WiFi controlled by APP installed on IOS and Android mobile devices. It receives WiFi signal from the mobile devices and converts it to RF signal which is then sent to the receiver. You can control single colour, dual colour, RGB and RGBW LED strips. You can download and use free mobile app found on iOS App store and on Goolgle Play store.



  • Converts WiFi signal to RF
  • Compatible with LR-WTC series receivers
  • More convenient and flexible control
  • Single or multiple receivers can be controlled
  • Free APP available from iOS App store and on Gool gle Play store.
  • User friendly APP interface
  • No additional remote control required


Technical specification 

Order code LR-WIFI/TRANS
Type WIFI Transmitter
Input Voltage 12VDC
Operating frequency 2.4Ghz / 869.5 Mhz
Operating temperature 0-40°C
Dimension 85x110x24mm (WxLxH)