Product description

WIFI Transmitter



  • Converts WiFi signal to RF
  • Easy control of single colour, tunable white,
  • RGB/RGBW and RGBCCT LED strips for up to 16 zones independently or simultaneously
  • Free APP available for iOS pp Store and Google Play store
  • User friendly APP interface
  • No additional remote control required
  • Save lighting functions and preferences with scene interface
  • Sync LED strips with the music
  • Micro USB cable included


Technical specification 

Order code LR-WIFI
Type WIFI converter
Input Voltage 5-24V DC
Input type Micro USB or
DC jack (5.5mm x 2.5mm)
(DC adapter not included)
Operation frequency 2.4GHz
Wireless standard 802.11 b/g/n
Max receiver distance 30m
Working temperature -30°C~55°C
Dimension (WxLxH) 72 x 72 x 25mm


Compatible receivers

Receiver for single colour, tunable white and RGB LED strip
Order code R3C
Type RF receiver
Input Voltage 12-24VDC
Current 3x4A
Output 3x(48-96)W
Note Constant voltage
Dimension 33x97x18mm (WxLxH)


Receiver for RGBW LED strip
Order code R4C
Type RF receiver
Input Voltage 12-36VDC
Current 4x5A
Output 4x(60-180)W
Note Constant voltage
Dimension 45x175x27mm (WxLxH)


Receiver for RGBCCT LED strip
Order code R5C
Type RF receiver
Input Voltage 12-24VDC
Current 5x3A
Output 5x(36-72)W
Note Constant voltage
Dimension 38x114x20mm (WxLxH)