WP-2W and LRR-2W

1 zone RF controller and receiver for single colour LED strip

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  • 1 zone rotary RF controller and dimmer
  • 5%-100% smooth dimming capacity
  • Simple installation with an internal battery (3V battery)
  • Sync function can adjust brightness levels from both wall panel (WP-2W) and table top remote (LR-2W) simultaneously
  • Wireless RF (Radio Frequency) range of 10-20m (depending on signal obstacles within the installation area)


Technical specification

Order code WP-2W
Type RF wall panel
Input Voltage 3VDC
Operation Frequency 868MHz
Dimension 86x86x29mm (WxLxH)
Power battery CR-2032


Order code LRR-2W
Type RF receiver
Input Voltage 12-24VDC
Current 4X5A
Output 4X(160-180)W
Note Constant voltage
Dimension 46x178x22mm (WxLxH)