Glass Pendant Light 2x7W+3W

Crystallia Decorative Pendant DE112 infuses interiors with brilliant botanical allure. Twin frosted opal globes suspended on wires glow softly to illuminate the integrated planter below. An overhead spotlight trains focus on the planted element while also showcasing the smooth luminous orbs. The twin spheres diffuse a graceful, ethereal light that complements thriving greenery. With its interplay of natural and artificial light, the DE112 creates a statement full of life. This pendant light provides a touch of imaginative charm perfect for modern farmshouse chic as well as uptown glam spaces.

Type: Interior
Installation: Suspended
IP Rating: IP20
Beam Width: Flood 100°+

Glass size: D200mm*2pcs
Half Round part size: D200mm*1pc
Steel wire H size: L2000mm
Ceiling part size: D250mm*H35mm
Body L size: 1500mm
Lamp base: G9*2pc
Watt: 7W*2pcs
LED Spotlight: 3W
Size: D25mm*H540mm
DALI Dimmable driver optional


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