Round Anti Glare Ceiling Light 11-24W

This is a grille ceiling lamp, both the grille reflector and the diffuser part have a uniform light output, which can highlight the layering of the lighting. Meanwhile, the grille reflector design can reduce the glare so that it can make user have a better visual experience, the user can change white color or silver colors grille reflector as needed. Quick install offers great convenience for maintenance and installation.

Type: Interior, Exterior
Installation: Surface Mounted
IP Rating: IP54
Beam Width: Flood 100°+
  • Low glare with grille reflector, white grille reflector UGR<22, silver grille reflector UGR<19.
  • High lumen efficiency, 100lm/W.
  • Interchangeable CCT with slide switch.
  • IP54 for whole lamp.
  • Internal flicker free driver.
  • Functions: Triac dim, changeable CCT, changeable wattage, S7 microwave sensor.
  • For both white grill version and silver grill version: Single CCT will be 5lm/w more than changeable CCT version. And
  • white grill version will be 9lm/W more than silver grill version
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