Round Slim Ceiling Light 12-25W

This is a super slim and frameless ceiling light design. It has a curved surface, PC shade offers a uniform light output, framelss design makes it full luminous and thinner. Besides, to meet more cable entry demand, it can do edge cable entry and back side cable entry, loop in/out design support quick installation

Type: Interior, Exterior
Installation: Surface Mounted
IP Rating: IP54
Beam Width: Flood 100°+
  • Frameless with larger lighting area.
  • Cable entry way: Edge, backside.
  • High lumen efficiency, 115lm/W.
  • IP54 waterproof.
  • Dimming way: Non- dim, triac dim.
  • Internal flicker free driver.
  • Functions: Adjustable CCT, emergency Microwave sensor & Daylight sensor.
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