Gyro Design Reflector and Lens Type Optional Downlight, 8-30W

This downlight is a gyro design. It adopted Citizen COB and a high transmittance rate lens to keep high light efficiency. ADC12 Aluminum profile provides excellent thermal dissipation. Modular design with reflector type and lens type options. Square shape with one head, two heads, and three heads as options. The luminaire is tilted 23°~25° in all directions (360°), perfectly meeting the demands of different lighting angles.

Type: Interior
Installation: Recessed
IP Rating: IP54, IP20
Beam Width: Extra Wide 46-99°, Wide 30-45°, Narrow 10-15°, Medium 16-30°
  • Suitable for covering with insulation material directly.
  • Modular design: Reflector type and lens type.
  • Brand Citizen COB light source.
  • Gyro design in all directions 360°
  • IP54 in front size.
  • Beam angle: 15°24°36°60°.
  • Finished colour: White/Black/Silver.
  • External flicker-free driver.
  • Dimming: Triac/0-10V/DALI.
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