Reflector Replaceable COB Downlight, 18-42W

This is a led COB downlight with an interchangeable reflector design and 3 different beam angle reflectors for optional. Adjustable lighting direction design can meet various demands. Triac dimmable version achieves great dimming compatibility with worldwide brand dimmers. The aluminium profile provides excellent thermal dissipation.

Type: Interior
Installation: Recessed
IP Rating: IP20
Beam Width: Extra Wide 46-99°, Wide 30-45°, Medium 16-30°
   •  Unique and stylish design.
   •  CITIZEN COB led with high lumen output.
   •  Rotatory angle 355° in horizontal and 30° in vertical.
   •  Aluminium fixture with excellent thermal dissipation.
   •  Interchangeable reflector design: 24 °/ 45°/ 60° beam angle reflectors for        optional.
   •  External driver
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