Reflector Replaceable Downlight, 10-35W

Downlight with traditional deep reflector (UGR<19) that provides perfect combination of high lighting efficiency, comfortable lighting and humanization design, without compromising on light performance(color rendering and color uniformity); It offers a wide choice of options for creating the desired ambience.

Type: Interior
Installation: Recessed
IP Rating: IP54
Beam Width: Medium 16-30°, Wide 30-45°, Extra Wide 46-99°
  • High luminous efficiency.
  • 24°, 36°, 60°beam angle optional.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • UGR<19 (not available for 3inch 60°beam angle and 8inch-35/40/45W 60°beam angle).
  • Interchangeable reflector in white, matt silver,bright silver and black color.(Remark: There will be 30% lumen decrease in black reflector, 10% lumen decrease in white reflector, 15% lumen decrease in silver reflector)
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