Internal Driver and Reflector Design Track Light, 10-35W

This new design track light adopts the Citizen chip which can create a diversified and dramatic atmosphere. An elegant and concise design with an internal driver, and adjustable lighting orientation with 350° in the horizontal direction and 90° in the vertical direction brings a flexible exposure. Integrated die-cast aluminium and thermal convection design provide excellent heat dissipation and ensure a long lifespan.

Type: Interior
Installation: Track
IP Rating: IP20
Beam Width: Medium 16-30°, Wide 30-45°, Narrow 10-15°

•  High quality LED source, CRI80/90/97 options.
•  Supreme Aluminum heat sink with great heat dissipation.
•  Secondary optics with lens make more uniform light.
•  Beam angle: 15°/24°/36° options.
•  Adjustable lighting orientation with 350° in horizontal direction and 90° in vertical direction.
•  1-circuit and 3-circuit are both available.

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