Modular Design Professional Lighting LED Track Light, 15-50W

This is a high-end track light with a professional optic design. It adopts a COB light source and a special deep reflector design (Type A) that achieves an anti-glare effect. Besides, modular design provides an easy replacement with different optic parts. With a compact appearance and power of 40W/50W, it meets a high brightness demand. It can be rotated 358 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically.

Type: Interior
Installation: Surface Mounted
IP Rating: IP40
Beam Width: Medium 16-30°, Wide 30-45°, Narrow 10-15°
  • Module design with different optic replacement.
  • Deep reflector design (Type A) with UGR<19 effects.
  • ADC12 aluminium housing offers great thermal management.
  • Easy disassemble reflector 12°/24°/36°/45°.
  • Two different optic parts are optional: reflector+tempered glass with circle lighting spot, reflector+special PC lens with oval lighting spot.
  • Can be rotated horizontally 358 degrees, and vertically 180 degrees.
  • DALI dim available.
  • Interchangeable power with a slide switch.
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