TeucerLUX 2 150*30 Artificial Skylight

Smart artificial daylight solution
1500 x 300mm

The TeucerLUX system is a smart artificial daylight solution for dark areas which lack natural light. It mimics daylight and a sun shining effect within darker indoor areas, instantly transforming spaces by enhancing them with plenty of brightness and virtual daylight.

TeucerLUX has the ability to mimic a particular natural lighting effect from any geographical location at any time of the year. With a simple adjustment of the date, time and latitude, TeucerLUX will automatically synchronise your lighting ambience. For example, you can bring the effect of a sunny, summer morning in Melbourne into your London home, during a rainy November evening.

Two TeucerLUX models are available. CloudView model, which is producing a stunning blue sky effect with additions of authentic clear white clouds and TrueBlue model which is producing an impressive clear sky effect.

Type: Interior
Installation: Recessed, Surface Mounted
IP Rating: IP50


TeucerLUX is a high quality product which substitutes natural daylight when and where it is not possible to have it. Whether you use it in the office, gym, basement or any other location, it will give you the feeling of sunshine indoors. The main difference between TeucerLUX and other general electrical lighting sources is the lighting pattern. TeucerLUX creates a daylight atmosphere, while other lighting sources are providing only illuminance. The lighting effect simulates natural daylight which allows you to create both a bright and relaxing ambience. The control system enables you to change the lighting according to current daylight in a 24h cycle, meaning it corresponds to our internal clock.


TeucerLUX perfectly integrates the latest LED technology, optical design and intelligent control system. This artificial skylight panel is designed to be mounted on ceilings. It enables control of daylight brightness by adjusting the intensity. This can vary from the position ‘0’ – which gives the effect of a cloudy day, expanding to the position ‘100’ – which provides the highest intensity of a sunshine effect.

TeucerLUX utilises different colour temperatures to achieve the look and feel of “the great outdoors” inside. This can be adjusted from 2500K to 10000K. There are four pre-programmed mode settings which mimic daylight effect: Morning, Noon, Evening and Cloudy. Additional manual options are available for further effects.


Mounting options

TeucerLUX units are easily mounted on any ceiling, using surface or recessed frames


Surface Mounted


Benefits of daylight

For many years, civilisation has revolved around daylight. Discussing the benefits of natural light wouldn’t have ever occurred to anyone before the end of the 19th century. Advances on modern reality mean that our living and working patterns have changed and we’ve become very dependant on artificial light. Ensuring we get a sufficient dose of daylight is key to our physical and psychological wellbeing. Latest research suggests, we now spend close to 90% of our lives indoors – this means that it is difficult to truly experience the benefits of natural light, as we simply don’t get enough of it.

Thankfully, the benefits of natural light are now well-researched and documented. The research shows a variety of benefits from exposure to daylight, such as an improvement to an individuals general health and circadian rhythm, improved patient recovery times in hospitals, improved student educational performance in schools and increased worker productivity. Our ancestors may not have had artificial lighting, but we are unable to hide from the fact that in today’s world it’s an important part of everyday life. While daylight may not be the most integral part of existence that it used to be, there are numerous benefits to natural light. Understanding the effect natural light has on the way we feel, how productive we are, and the buildings we spend so much time in is vital to improving our advancing modern existence. The true value of light lies in the combination of excellent visual, biological and emotional benefits.

Human-centric lighting puts people first. Developing appropriate human-centric lighting — or lighting for health and wellbeing — is more than just delivering lumens in a finite spectrum. Brightness alone isn’t an indicator of quality lighting and neither is a static correlated colour temperature (CCT). The timing, pattern and amount of light matters to the human biological system.

TeucerLUX mimics the daylight and reproduces a vivid scene with sky, clouds and sunshine, enhancing the body’s daily rhythm to function properly, stay healthy and feel well.

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