PyroBlock delivers essential certified fire-rated lighting solutions for commercial spaces needing code-compliant illumination. With discreet downlights designed specifically for fire rated ceilings, PyroBlock meets regulations without aesthetic compromise.

PyroBlock downlights provide focused task lighting well-suited for offices, venues, apartments, hotels and anywhere fire certification is mandatory. Robust enclosures maintain integrity to prevent fire spreading while blending seamlessly into décor.

Independently tested and certified, PyroBlock fixtures provide complete peace of mind. Slimline forms install unobtrusively into ceilings and walls with minimal surface impact.

Diffused optics prevent harsh glare and hotspots, creating comfortable illumination for work and circulation areas. Select from neutral white or cool daylight colour temperatures to suit your needs.

For wet location areas, PyroBlock Wet Location models maintain fire compliance with moisture resistance and rustproof construction. Low-profile rims provide integrated aesthetics.

When fire safety matters but lighting design still counts, trust PyroBlock downlights. PyroBlock delivers the certified lighting you need without compromising visual appeal or performance.

Mini Fireproof Design Downlight, 7W
Fire Rated Downlight 6W