Radiana delivers versatile, quality downlighting with adjustable heads to direct illumination precisely where needed. Ranging from 6W to 30W, Radiana COB downlight fittings provide customizable lighting solutions.

Radiana features durable round housings engineered for long-lasting performance. Pivoting heads adjust both vertically and horizontally to aim light. Robust builds maintain aiming directions reliably.

Effective thermal management cools the integrated COB light source for 50,000+ hour lifespan with consistent, high-quality output across a range of colour temperatures from warm white to cool daylight.

The adjustable beam targeting makes Radiana ideal for directional accent and task lighting in both residential and commercial environments. Display merchandise in its best light, highlight architectural details, provide focused workstation illumination, and more.

Radiana’s clean, uniform beams eliminate harsh glares and shadows to create comfortable ambience. Compact Radiana downlights allow unobtrusive integration even in confined placements while providing adjustability. Quality machined aluminium construction maintains durability.

Radiana’s COB downlights give you the flexibility to customize lighting to your unique needs. Achieve brilliant, energy-efficient downlighting with beam control to transform spaces.

Waterproof Square COB Mini LED Downlight
Air-Tight Design Tilted Downlight, 8W
Waterproof LED Bathroom Downlight, 5-13W
Scoop COB Downlight, 13-35W