Spheria spotlights spaces with elegance using its distinct orb-shaped track lights that enable adjustable oblique-axis directional lighting. The spherical form factor provides 340 degrees of rotation for flexible accent positioning possibilities.

Sleek aluminium spheres integrate Spheria seamlessly onto track systems while allowing up to 40 degrees of tilt for angled illumination. Wash walls with grazing light, highlight architectural details, or spot kitchen islands from creative angles.

Offered with standard or DALI-compatible adapters for dimming automation, Spheria track lights contain high-efficiency LEDs producing clean, uniform light. Choose from warm or cool colour temperatures to set the desired ambience.

For contemporary restaurants, boutiques, offices, and modern homes, Spheria encourages lighting creativity. Position the minimalist orb centres at eye-catching angles to add intrigue. Let sleek spheres of light accent your aesthetics.

Make a unique statement by utilizing Spheria’s adjustable directional capabilities. Dial in targeted oblique lighting to transform indoor spaces and draw attention to displays.

Elevate commercial and residential settings with distinct lighting ingenuity. Bring a touch of sophisticated style to directional accenting with Spheria.

Track Light with Oblique Axis Rotation, 10-21W